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Gold Price Analysis – Feb 21, 2024

By LonghornFX Technical Analysis
Feb 21, 20243 min

Daily Price Outlook

Gold, recognized for its safe-haven appeal, reversed its downward trajectory, attracting bids around the $2,030 mark. This resurgence is largely attributed to escalating tensions in the Middle East and the protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine, reinforcing gold's status as a preferred asset in times of geopolitical strife.

Dollar Dynamics and Gold's Allure

The US dollar's recent downtrend has further underpinned gold's appeal. A softer dollar renders gold more attractive, as it becomes more affordable for holders of other currencies, essentially driving up its price. Consequently, investors are increasingly gravitating towards gold, leveraging it as a protective measure against the depreciating dollar.

Anticipating Federal Reserve Moves

Market participants are currently in a cautious stance, closely monitoring signals from the Federal Reserve regarding potential rate cuts. The prevailing sentiment is that the Federal Reserve might initiate a series of rate reductions by mid-2024, anticipated to encompass four 25 basis point cuts starting in June. This expectation contributes to a bearish outlook for the US dollar, concurrently buoying gold prices.

Impact of US Monetary Policy

The anticipation of a dovish shift in US monetary policy has bolstered gold's position. Although the yield on 10-year US treasury notes remains above 4%, the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes are keenly awaited for further insights into the Fed's rate adjustment path. A hawkish tone could reinforce the dollar, adversely affecting the XAU/USD exchange rate. However, current trends favor gold amid the weakening dollar.

Geopolitical Developments Fueling Safe-Haven Demand

Gold's safe-haven appeal is further magnified by ongoing geopolitical unrest, particularly with the Middle East's volatility and the enduring Russia-Ukraine conflict. The prospect of heightened tensions, spurred by incidents such as the Houthi rebels' attacks on shipping and Russia's advancements in military technology, underscores gold's significance as a refuge during geopolitical upheaval.

In conclusion, gold's trajectory is bolstered by a combination of a weakening US dollar, anticipation of US interest rate cuts, and escalating geopolitical tensions. These factors collectively affirm gold's status as a resilient investment amidst global uncertainties.

Gold Price Chart - Source: Tradingview
Gold Price Chart - Source: Tradingview

Gold - Technical Analysis

Gold's performance on February 21st showcased a modest yet notable increase, with the precious metal's price ascending to $2030.93, marking a 0.28% rise within a 24-hour timeframe. This upward movement reflects a burgeoning optimism among investors, possibly fueled by macroeconomic factors or shifts in market sentiment towards safer assets.

The technical landscape for gold is delineated by a pivot point at $2024.00, serving as a baseline for potential directional moves. Resistance levels are identified at $2038.75, $2048.04, and $2059.16, each representing hurdles that bulls might encounter on their path upward. Conversely, support levels at $2010.78, $2000.45, and $1989.00 provide a cushion, potentially arresting any bearish downturns and offering rebound opportunities.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 67, teetering on the brink of the overbought territory, which could signal caution among traders about potential overvaluation. However, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, with a value of 1 against a signal line at 5, suggests a nascent bullish momentum, albeit with a note of caution as the gap indicates potential volatility. The 50-day and 200-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) at 2018 and 2023.88, respectively, underline a bullish undertone, with the current price surpassing these key averages.

Considering the confluence of technical indicators and key price levels, the outlook for gold leans towards a cautiously optimistic bullish trend. Traders might consider entering positions above the $2023 mark, targeting a take profit at $2038, while adhering to a stop loss at $2015 to mitigate risk. This strategy acknowledges the precious metal's current momentum, while also respecting the latent volatility that characterizes gold's market dynamics.



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